Environmental Searches

Environment reports identify past and present industrial land use which may indicate the potential for the land to be classified as contaminated and provides cover for a 250-500 metre radius of the property including likely flood risk areas, any past landfill and industrial use.

Residential Environmental Reports

Every residential report includes an environmental certificate. The certificate indicates the likelihood of the property being described as contaminated, as defined by Section 78(A)2 of Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The certificate also highlights matters which, whilst not relating to contamination, may impact on the value or use of the property. Such matters include flooding, radon, ground subsidence or active landfill sites within the vicinity of the property.

Groundsure Estate Report
This report is ideal for larger residential properties and includes flood risk and ground stability designed to protect residential investors against environmental risks and liabilities associated with the purchase of large sites.

Flood Reports
A residential flood report examines specific risk assessment of surface water, groundwater and pluvial flood risk. The report provides a robust solution with flood risk experts providing an overview, guidance and access to independent flood consultants.

Planning Searches
Planning Searches provide essential planning, neighbourhood and local amenity information to homebuyers and current homeowners in mainland England and Wales and supports the homebuyer in making an informed decision by supplying quality information for the property and surrounding area, and provides peace of mind by helping to reveal any potential surprises around the corner, for example: Plans to construct a telecommunications mast, the development of a supermarket or a factory nearby, ruining the current view from the property. This unique report, which is illustrated and user friendly, provides detailed information as follows: Aerial photography planning applications since 1997 within 250m search radius. Decisions on larger applications (where available). Adopted local plan policies specific to the search area. Latest deposit draft local plan policies specific to the search area. Details of telecoms masts within 250m search radius. Details of footpaths and rights of way within 250m search radius. Information on local housing and population. Nearest local schools and colleges with information on performance. The local council and council tax rates. The local police force and statistics on crime. Nearest amenities.

Homecheck Land Insurance
In addition to an environmental search, we can also provide Homecheck Land Insurance. In April 2000, Section 57 of the Environmental Act 1995 came into force, creating a potential liability for the homeowner if their property has been built on contaminated land. Where the original polluter cannot be traced homeowners will be liable for the cost of cleaning up the land. Homecheck Land Insurance provides up to £1million cover against the legal costs of finding the original polluter, and where they cannot be found, for the cost of the clean up.

Groundure Energy Report
A report available for both residential and commercial properties, identifies various existing or planned sites for wind farms, solar farms, power stations and fracking with infomation on planned oil, gas, shale gas and coalbed methane sites updated weekly.

Commercial Environmental Reports

This report provides a range of environmental and planning data reports for risk assessment by commercial conveyancers. We recommend the best solution is to provide advice to your client with the full protection afforded by a risk assessment covering Part IIA from a Assess or Review report - Please see below

Commercial Data
A summary data report providing any identified issues in a simple format. Suitable for legal practices that have an in-house specialist who can interpret the data.

Commercial Screening
A detailed environmental report, including an assessment covering Part IIA with a professional opinion. Ideal for high street practices dealing in commercial properties.

Commercial Review
A comprehensive environmental assessment covering Part IIA, aimed at commercial conveyancers seeking a true end-to-end service.

Groundsure Agriculture
This report delivers specialist due diligence tailored for the transacting and financing of Agricultural Land and Farms. With agricultural land prices rising and land ever more scarce, it’s essential that you have a clear understanding of the potential environmental risks and opportunities offered.

Plansearch Commercial
Plansearch Commercial is a unique report providing essential planning data for commercial property searches. It provides current and historical planning information for the site of interest and surrounding area: Development Plan Tracker - a listing of the current and emerging developments plans relevant to the area of search which have been published by Local Authorities, County Councils and Park Authorities, planning applications dating back to 1997, land use policies derived from the latest adopted or deposit Local Plan and flooding information.

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